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Readers Respond: What is the Rudest Thing Someone Has Said About Your Skin?

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Updated May 04, 2009

What is it about having acne that makes people think it’s OK to comment on your skin? Everyone from your mother, to your best friend, to the lady in the grocery store love to dole out treatment tidbits (or snarky remarks).

Even the most innocent seeming comments can hurt, and the more discourteous ones can be downright insulting.

What’s the rudest thing someone has said to you about your skin, and what did you do (laugh, cry, retort with a sharp comeback)? Share your rude encounter.

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I've had acne for ages and I have tried everything but it just doesn't go away. One day one of the typical skinny pretty without a single spot girl commented on my face in front of everyone saying "wow your face is so shiny!" While everyone then asked what do you mean and an arguement began. It was the worst day of my life. By now I've gotten used to people saying what's that on your face and crap like that but it is hard to forget these comments as they really do hurt.
—Guest Guest iv

Acne trouble

My classmate told me before that I'm really beautiful only if I don't have any acne. Today, my acne are less noticeable, that only made her realize I'm not ugly!!
—Guest Anna

Nasty comments

I was really offended before because my best friend always notice and remind me of my stubborn acne almost everyday. I don't know if it's just innocence because she kept on poking my pimples and said that it never heals. Other people just keep staring at my pimples whenever they see.
—Guest Julie

What a friend...

I was sitting at the lunch table with my closest friends in middle school and out of completely no where one of my friends looked at me with a disgusted face and said, "Wow, you have a big pimple ready to be popped" right in front of everyone! I wanted to crawl in a hole. I felt so bad and gross.
—Guest guest

But Mine Is Smooth

My friend Lewis and I were in class one day and he said, "Look at those bumps on your face." I wanted to cry but I just said, "It's life." He said,"But mine is smooth." The next day he told me he liked me and I told him I never wanted him to speak to me again. What's wrong with people?
—Guest Armani


I went to lunch one day and one of my friends said,"woah! Your face is peeling really bad!" I shrugged but I felt really bad afterwards.
—Guest annoyed

I hate people

Not only do I have acne, but i have really bad acne scars. They're right on my cheeks too! I always get made fun of and it really hurts. This one guy said to my boyfriend and my bestfriend "since she has so many pimples, i wonder if she has any on her vagina." I get treated like crap and im only 14. Everyone always seems to enjoy picking on me.
—Guest Guest with lots and lots of tears

Acne scars and pigmentation

I first got pimples when i was 10 yr old and now i am 17 almost 18 and have got severe acne. I used to look good earlier but now i dont even though i have good face and handsome features. My ex commented how much zits i have. My female friends also talk about my skin. My good friends and besties tell me to do something about acne saying i look so handsome only flaw is my acne. A female friend even asked me why i always get acne?? Acne sucks big time. It has destroyed my skin and beauty and i believe theres no way ill look good like before coz acne isnt leaving me.
—Guest ugly awful acne on handsome face


I have TERRIBLE acne... I have trouble looking at myself in the mirror because my skin is hideous and I'm only 13! today in class, I was sort of having an argument with this kid in my class.. he had called my friend a lot of mean things before and I just really want to punch him in the face. he ended up calling me a pimple face... nobody had commented on how bad my skin is except for my brother. it really hurt and I tried to just get over it by insulting him back but I had to hold back a few tears.. I seriously don't understand why people are so damn rude. obviously his parents didn't raise him well. he should be ashamed of himself.
—Guest pimple face

Low self-esteam

I didn't get a lot of pimples until a couple of months ago. I tried everything from the internet and I still have a lot of zits. I just feel that nobody wants to be my friend just because I'm ugly. A kid asked me "Do you use cream for that?" And a lot of kids are picking on me. The worst part is that nobody in my school has as many pimples as I do. I am always unhappy when everybody is staring at me...
—Guest Sad Girl

Nasty girls

Right through secondary school and beyond, about 8 years, I had truly awful acne. I have a whole catalogue of nasty memories. I was regularly told by one girl to commit suicide because everywhere I went I made people sick. She'd follow me round and make retching noises. My skin eventually cleared up so much I can go without makeup and look pretty. Clear as a baby's face. I saw her a while back. She now has adult acne, & has gained about 3 stone. Karma, that :)
—Guest Eep

Pimple Face

I used to be on a math team with another boy from school who always teased me. When another boy from a grade below us joined, they became instint friends. One day the new kid walks right up to me and says, "Hey, you were right! She does have pimples!" From that day on they called me pimple face. They always asked why I had pimples and I would ignore them. Then, when the younger kid was still in elementry school and the other boy went up a grade with me, (I still had acne the next year) I found out he likes me. How does that make any sense!? First saying I'm ugly then asking me out?! He needs lessons on flirting.
—Guest Guest Confused


I used to be one of those girly girls who loved makeup doing there hair until I got acne. I couldnt stand looking at my self without crying. I've gotten every comment you can think of from some one just calling me pimple girl to being asked what happened to my face? And being told one day i'll get prettier!! Those comments come from strangers, family and friends easier I wish people were more mannered but whatever. I've never once made fun of someone for the way they look and get I don't understand why but ill still never do it. Right now my face to me is moderate but to others it'll be severe I just thank god for giving me strength and love and letting me know I'm not alone.
—Guest Not pretty enough

"Things a total dumba** would say"

Someone I was seeing, who normally had a ritual habit of abusing me verbally, told me I had 'wrecked' skin because I wore too much makeup (to cover up scarring) and didn't take care of myself. This coming from someone with a flawless complexion and who had no idea what a pimple was. He also decided to one day rub it in by adding the fact that I would be 'embarrassed' if I saw his mother's skin, because it was much younger looking than mine, her being in her fifties and me in my mid twenties. I had no response, how do you respond to someone who is a complete idiot? He had no idea that I regularly went to see a dermatologist, washed my face 3 times a day with medical skincare products and went through 5 excruciatingly painful Fraxel treatments with minimal success. Its one thing to hear something from a total stranger, but from someone you're emotionally and physically involved with is worst. Then it all made sense, only someone worth my time & love would see the beauty inside and out.
—Guest Mani

Made me feel bad...

i was walking around in school and a girl walks up to me and asks what's on my face? is that a bug bite or a pimple? i was so embarrassed... she made me feel so bad because that before hand i got a ton of comments about my face. in addition the girl which said that comment has many imperfections too...
—Guest pimple face

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What is the Rudest Thing Someone Has Said About Your Skin?

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