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Readers Respond: What is the Rudest Thing Someone Has Said About Your Skin?

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Updated May 04, 2009

What is it about having acne that makes people think it’s OK to comment on your skin? Everyone from your mother, to your best friend, to the lady in the grocery store love to dole out treatment tidbits (or snarky remarks).

Even the most innocent seeming comments can hurt, and the more discourteous ones can be downright insulting.

What’s the rudest thing someone has said to you about your skin, and what did you do (laugh, cry, retort with a sharp comeback)? Share your rude encounter.

Wash me

In school, I was the weird quiet girl with the acne. Honestly, that's how people knew me. I was just so oily and pitiful that they'd tell all the other kids I had lice/mange/something nasty. I was also very hunchbacked, which obviously did not help. There were no boys in the picture or friends, for that matter (for the most part). One time, a new friend invited me to go ice skating with her group. The night ended with my friend asking me to leave because the other girl was "embarrassed to be seen with me in front of the popular kids." The nice people would always give me the same, tired old inner beauty spheal. Older women would tell me that I would be so beautiful when I got older... still waiting on that one. Today, my acne has improved enough to get me by and people got a lot nicer after I had my spinal corrective surgery (though now, they just stare at my huge scar). It proved just how shallow people are. I still hide behind my hair and don't wear tank tops because people suck.
—Guest of honor


I've had acne for ages and I have tried everything but it just doesn't go away. One day one of the typical skinny pretty without a single spot girl commented on my face in front of everyone saying "wow your face is so shiny!" While everyone then asked what do you mean and an arguement began. It was the worst day of my life. By now I've gotten used to people saying what's that on your face and crap like that but it is hard to forget these comments as they really do hurt.
—Guest Guest iv

Acne trouble

My classmate told me before that I'm really beautiful only if I don't have any acne. Today, my acne are less noticeable, that only made her realize I'm not ugly!!
—Guest Anna

Nasty comments

I was really offended before because my best friend always notice and remind me of my stubborn acne almost everyday. I don't know if it's just innocence because she kept on poking my pimples and said that it never heals. Other people just keep staring at my pimples whenever they see.
—Guest Julie

I was called...

Tomato. And by my best friend. We sort of laughed it off but it still stung. I had very mild acne in 6th grade,almost not there at all. In seventh grade it pretty much all went away but when i got my period a few months ago ive been breaking out moderately and i have been lucky not to have severe acne....yet. People at school barely notice and dont comment at all because they all love my personality. Guys this sounds corny but confidence is key and then people will look past ur not-perfect skin :))))
—Guest want to be done with it 4ever

Once a boy asked me...

I never usually get acne . I had one huge one on my nose though . I'm 13 , almost 14 . A boy asked "Is your face molding?"
—Guest Peyton


I'm 16, I live in France and I'm in boarding school with all a bunch of kids my age. I was once in the bathroom putting some cream on my face and one of the French kids said I had an acne war on my face. He was referring to star wars.
—Guest Adam

Have More Consideration

'You should have more consideration for the people who have to look at you all day!' There's still days when I don't want to go out in case my face upsets somebody.
—Guest Guest Lizzie

Two great responses

a) Have you considered plastic surgery ? b) I'm surprised they gave you a job here with your skin.
—Guest guest adult acne

Acne Response

When I was about 23 I had very severe adult nodular cystic acne. I lived in an apartment complex where there were a lot of elderly people who didn't seem to understand my issues with acne. One day I was in the elevator of the complex and one of residents in the elevator proceeded to ask me: "Is your acne caused by your period?" I just started laughing to avoid crying. My acne was caused by genetics and lasted for quite some time. Also, other residents would stop me in the hallway & ask me what happened to my face & when I would tell them it was acne they would say: "Well, aren't you doing anything about it?" As if I can just go wash it off my face! I wish it was that simple! Don't we all!
—Guest Jessica

They suit you

I was 15 and had acne pretty bad and some lads in the class were calling me spotty clock then one of them said to me as we were leaving the classroom 'don't be upset bcause I think your spots suit you.' I laughed because I knew he really did like me and meant it in a positive way. But I still remember how I wanted to just disappear when my skin was really bad and had to look people in the face after so many years.
—Guest Linda

Acne's Rudest Comment

I was called crater face, rudolph through out my school years but the worst of it all came when a comment was made: here comes the holy grail of zits.
—Guest jennifer

Know Who Your Friends are

Back in high school, my "friend" asked me what happened to my face. I told her, it was just acne. Instead of recognizing my pain about how I looked and dropping the subject, she insisted I had fallen and repeated her question, "What happened to your face? It looks really bad!"
—Guest Maya


I had horrible acne and still continue to struggle with noticable breakouts. Where once I had smooth, nice skin are now rough pock-marks and scars. I say this just so you know where I'm coming from. I occasionally get comments for people who want to give unsolicited advice, many times to sell a product they are promoting. It doesn't matter what you say back, as it does to understand that most of the time people are asking out of compassion, even though people trying to sell you a product can be a bit self serving. I once made an insensitive comment about another person's weight once, not meaning to offend. I had simply not realized that the person might be self conscious about their weight. The point is that many times people who may offend us simply do not realize what effects their words may have. Even those who are down right insulting are usually people who don't feel good about themselves to begin with; pity them. Understanding the ther person is the best response! =)
—Guest Stuart

That's So Rude

pizzaface ugly eww..acne?
—Guest allii
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