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Readers Respond: The Worst Thing About Having Teen Acne Is...

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Updated March 25, 2013

Just own it

I am 13 going on 14 and have very bad acne. I went from smooth skin to a goblin you could say and I was very concerned that nobody thought I was beautiful but I realised this is me... this is who I am and I cant change the way I am. And when I look in the mirror its not as bad as I think it is because I'm one of the most popular kids in my school and am batman.
—Guest the batman of awsome

Ahhh, my friends all have gorgeous skin.

I get spots between my eyebrows and on my forehead (t-zone) and they won't go away *sigh. Only time is gonna get rid of it i guess. We just all gotta be patient guys. Us girls (or guys?) will end up with the best skin imaginable (I bet anywayz) so keep your chin up your head held high and smile, because life is a beautiful thing and there's so much to smile about. Xxx We all have something we like about our face... We might have nice eyes, lips, nose, eyebrows even hair... And it's our personality that shines through. And when we look in the mirror we see a version of ourselves which is half as pretty of what we actually are. Just don't mess with them (then they won't leave scars).
—Guest Charlie

It's the worst!

I'm 14 and have had acne since I was 12. Its awful! I'm constantly getting looks and getting picked on and it used to be funny, now its just mother natures way to put me down. Its spread all down my back and chest and its all over my face. I have a breakout every month and I feel like burying my face in the sand! Even worse, my mum says that she doesn't think its acne so she wont take me to the doctors for it. I have a boyfriend but I'm even scared of facing him sometimes because of my spots. I wish this hell would end!
—Guest Ugh..

What if I stay this way forever?

So back in elementary school I was pretty popular. People want to be my friends and guys want to hang out with me. But then in 6th grade ACNE CAME AND RUINED IT ALL. It lowers my self esteem. Everyone makes fun of it. EVERYBODY SAYS I'LL GROWN OUTTA IT BUT IM JUST NOT SURE. WHAT IF I DONT??? WHAT IF I STAY THIS WAY FOREVER. WHAT IF I STAY UGLY TO THE FOREVER?! People dont want to be my friends and I have to hide from people, not to mention that I have social anxiety and depression. UGH THESE MAKE THEM WORSE.
—Guest Bella

Hate, pain and guilt

I hate acne, with my entire heart. I can never look in the mirror and be satisfied. Whenever a pimple clears up, a new one forms some other place on my face, and when they do go, they leave red scars (hyper-pigmentation). People comment, and I can feel them staring, judging me with their eyes. I cancel plans, and I feel self-conscious in good or natural lightning. It is ruining my life, my only help is that I am going to Spain for three weeks in a couple of months, I will get a tan and that will help. I wont have to worry about school, I am 13 and had it since I was 12.
—Guest spicyapple

Makes me wanna cry

Just looking at myself in the mirror makes me wanna cry. I have been breaking out since 4th grade and since then it's just been horrible. Now I'm in my first year of high school and to top it off ALL of my friends have flawless skin with no acne. It has come so far that sometimes I don't even look at myself in the mirror before going to school. I mean I would wear make up but I would feel out of place since none of my friends wear make up because their skin is flawless. I don't know if my skin will ever clear up...
—Guest Sabrina

It's ruining my confidence...

I started going through puberty around 9 causing me to get one or two pimples, not bad but it got worse. In the beginning of 5th grade I had started to wear foundation (I know it is to young) which ruined my skin, but as the year went on I quit wearing it. Now I'm 12 and I've had my period for 3 years :/ and my acne is so gross!!! It's ruining my confidence because it's like all the other girls are strikingly beautiful with flawless skin.... I don't go out anymore because I'm so ashamed of my skin.. Every where I go it's like everybody is only focusing on my acne :'(.... It's on my face around my lips, on my forehead, my chest, and my back... I feel so ugly! *sighs* Hopefully this will get better :'(
—Guest Livi

8 damned years

Well I'm 19 now and I had a really bad skin condition since I was about 11. First it started with "normal" acne and greasy skin, but it got worse with the scars (I cannot stop myself from popping and picking them). I went to so many dermatologists, cosmeticians, tried even more pills, creams, different treatments but nothing really worked. It cleared up a bit since, but I still have a certain part on my chin and face I got verruca planae (flat warts) which are also impossible to get rid of (not to forget about the acne and scars amongst them). I worked out a lot and ate healthy in the past years, so I'm a total butterface. It ruins my appearance so much I will never believe anyone who says I'm not ugly. Sorry for my English, it's not my native language.
—Guest butterfacey

I deal with this too

Omg im 13 and im in middle school it really sucks because everyone avoids me for having it. Ive got it like everywhere and on the back of neck and my chest and everywhere else and i cant wear my hair up because they'll see it and talk about me. Even though i wear makeup it dosnt cover it all I get u 2 it sucks
—Guest Idk13yroldgirl

I hate this!

Okay, so before my little breakouts, I had clear skin. 'Til it started going downhill on my first day of 6th grade. I started getting pimples, people asked, I get embarrassed, then now I'm living with it. Believe me, it's tough to even show my face now. I first got it on my head, and now on my face (Note: I'm still in 6th grade)! I'm still looking for a solution, but no clue how to get rid of this "curse" of mine. :(
—Guest Steve

Its Just Plain Awful

It is embarrassing. All of my friends are gorgeous and they don't even try! Most of them don't even wash their faces, I try so hard to get rid of it, but it won't go away. I've tried everything… I guess I just have to get used to the fact that I will ALWAYS be the ugly friend. And that is the sad truth.
—Guest Jill


I've been missing a lot of school over the past year because I feel too ugly due to acne. I feel disgusting, and I cry at my own reflection and I have to wear makeup to feel okay, and I hate it when people compliment me because it makes me feel worse. Because they see me with makeup on trying to cover and I'm with myself all the time so I feel like I'm lying to them. I always try hiding my face with my hair or a hat. I don't know what to do the medication hasn't worked and I'm just so tired and depressed and no one understands. I'd feel so much better about everything if I had even okay skin. It's holding me back and I'm scared it's going t ruin my career. Missing school has become regular, and I don't even care. I just want to cry and hit the mirror most of the time. I just want it all to end it's not fair.
—Guest sad23

The worst thing about having acne

Well, I started getting blackheads on my chin when I was in the 5th grade. They didn't really bother me. I started getting a few pimples on my forehead and on my chin when I was in 6th grade. Then come 7th grade it had many spots all over my forehead so I then started wearing makeup. It only made things worse, my face broke out really bad in 8th grade all so I went to the dematologist it cleared up nicely over they summer but now I'm a freshman in highschool and my face is so bad. I'm never happy anymore. Acne has completely drained my confidence. I cry almost everynight wishing I could wake up being someone else.. I've also had thoughts of suicide.
—Guest Hanna


I am in 5th grade and have so many bright red zits on my forehead that I want to stay under my covers for the rest of my life. I have bangs that cover my forehead so that might be a problem. But they come up all the time. I would get them cut but people would see my zits. I Also have a nose covered in zits.
—Guest Eleora

Hurts self esteem

I used to have pretty clear skin. It started off when I got some pimples on my forehead around Grade 7. Wasn't too bad. Grade 8 it cleared up a lot, but then my cheeks got some pimples. Again, not that bad. Grade 9 was a great year, as most of my acne cleared up and I was feeling confident. Many people think I am a pretty good looking guy (not trying to be arrogant) since I have a six pack, have a nice body in general, a "cute" face, and a nice deep voice. Many people have even complimented me in general, even strangers at my barber shop. But recently, I have broke out quite a lot and it has affected my self confidence A LOT. I started to notice that my friends at times are staring at my acne. Luckily, I have cleared up a lot since the worst breakout which happened during Winter Break. The breakouts have left me with dark spots that take forever to go away. My acne has caused me to be confident only in certain lighting, and of course my school has the worst lighting for my skin.
—Guest 15 year old teen

Worst Thing About Acne Is

The Worst Thing About Having Teen Acne Is...

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