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Readers Respond: The Worst Thing About Having Teen Acne Is...

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Updated March 25, 2013

Acne made my life so dfficult ! :(

UGHHH ! I hate acne so much !!! Im a 14 year old girl & ive had acne since i was 11. I have so much acne on my my face, chest, shoulders, & especially my back! It always makes me feel soo sad to always see my friends with smooth skin. I even cry about it like all the time! Im also scared to ever wear a bikini or dress without a something covering it because all you would see is my acne!!! :( Ive tried soooo many treatments & medications to get rid of all my acne but nothing usually works, it would just come back even worse. I just wish my acne would just disappear, so i can finally look in the mirror & see clear, smooth skin!
—Guest Anonymous

Why me?

Ive had acne since was 9. I'm 12 now. I hate places with lots of light and people. What makes it worst my mom is always sayin look at ur face all those pimples how big they are how bad it is can't wear make up and I don't like it. I have it on my chin cheeks forehead. It's bad on my cheeks and have so many acne scars on my cheeks People talk about my face. I cry every day and my friend has acne she had it for one day full break out. Next day no more and trust me she had on no make up but she had a lot of acne scars left. I also have a twin but her acne is not visible but u can see mine. I'm so depressed I don't know what to do.
—Guest Guest kia

Life on the edge of the shelve

Is that it ruins ur self image and destroys ur chances of meeting ur future partner in life ....u constantly look on the shelves for new products that come out that can help u n it makes it worst and guess what? It just leads to depression.. so any1 out there suffering with this don't worry, there's thousands of us who are dealing with this problem all we can do is wait it off, let it do the damage and treat the after effects of it... 1 more thing if any1 makes fun of ur suffering a black eye wud suit them perfectly try it works and it makes u feel better too. Remember u look good on the inside!!!
—Guest reject


I've had acne since freshman year...and I'm now a junior. At first it wasn't bad at all, but it has gradually gotten really bad. Its extremely hard for me to come to terms with it, or even look in the mirror. I get ready in really dim lighting, and I'm extremely thankful I have to wear contacts; I would cry probably every day if I could see my face with good vision. I wear a good bit of make-up and I go through it pretty quickly. It's not my actual bumps that's bad- it's my acne marks. I have so many, and they definitely out number the actual pimples by far. I got laser resurfacing a year ago and I haven't seen an improvement. I want to go to the doctor again, but I always break down because I'm really genuinely embarrassed about my face, and I know I don't have enough money to pay for anything that might actually work. I get so emotional about it all and it tears me apart every day. I know it's useless worrying so much, but it's hard not to. (btw drinking water helps me sometimes)
—Guest rachael hates acne

Why do I have acne?

Ok so I've had acne since I was about 10, but at first it was just a few pimples well Two years I began getting an extremely bad acne. U can't imagine how bad it was. Later on it faded a little however now I feel that it's extremely bad again. Sometimes I start crying and get depressed. My confidence is low. Acne is ruining my face. Oh and it's worst when people around u including my friends don't have any acne. They have flawless skin. And one of my friends get mad when she gets a little pimple. And sometimes my friends comment on people with acne making fun of them. So idk of they don't realize I have acne also or they just don't care about my feelings. No boy actually likes me anymore cuz of my stupid. Acne. And I don't wear makeup to school but when I do the foundation doesn't cover it all the way. Acne it's horrible it ruins people . I don't know what to try anymore none of the tofu cuts I've used work. However reading the coments here make me realize I'm not alone
—Guest Teen15

Being a teen with it

I wash my face every night and day and it still stays! I've been to a dermatologist and got some cream for it but it doesn't really work... I get picked on at school and it makes me feel terrible. I get on things like Instagram and Facebook and see all these people with perfect skin and it makes me angry that they can walk into the bathroom and take a great picture, while I can't look good without using photoshop on my face... WHY ME!?!?!
—Guest N

I know how it feels

Hi! I have been having acne for a year and noboy else including my bf has it!!! WHICH MAKES IT WORSE!
—Guest JustMe

I spend days looking for a miracle :(

Im 13, i have mild acne and i have tried everything to get rid of it. its just so unfair that my friends have such clear skin and i dont. Why me?! the thing that annoys me most is when all the adverts tell you your skin will clear up immediately if you buy this product. i spend days looking for a miracle, but nothing works! why can't some scientists just come up with a treatment that actually WORKS?!
—Guest anonymous

I Hate ACNE!!!

I had this Acne problem since I was 9 and now I am 10 and still having this problem.
—Guest Acne sucks

Life is hard with acne on your face ;(

It is hard indeed. I'm 17 and i had acne when i was still 14. I feel so low and i dont want to go out with people because of this. My face is red especially on my cheeks they say it looks good but for me, its not. Not at all! I tried a lot of treatments but i still have breakouts. It pains me to hope and hope that it will disappear but i get no progress. I used to look good before all ths zits came. It really makes me sad. It ruins my supposed to be wonderful and jovial teenage years. I hope that, life wont just revolve around this issue. Hoho. Just smile. Life is still beautiful. :')
—Guest ayii girl


I started getting acne when i was 10. It wasn't bad, and was only on my forehead. Now it's on my cheeks and is developing marks. It makes me feel so insecure and i just wish there was something that would make it go away forever!! My mom says don't worry about it and its not that bad, but when your in middle school, it's EVERYTHING! I feel so horrible when i want to go swimming with friends or something, and avoid it because i HATE taking off the makeup (i wear foundation). Honestly i know it will get better and there is hope! I just hate it when these commurtials go,"oh yeah this will get rid of zits over night" when really it just makes your face worse. I just have to stay positive and crying bout it and being sad is just going to make it worse! all i can say is YES washing your face will clear up your face over time so dont think it wont. Everything will be great in the end. :')
—Guest :'(

Ugh :'(

Im 16 and go through the same thing:( everytime i look in the mirror i want to cry. I go through makeup so fast trying to cover it and it just doesnt work. By the end of the day my face is peeling in spots, oily in others, and lumpy all over. I want to cry when i look in the mirror. Summer is coming up and i will refuse to go in the water. My makeup will come off and i'll be gross:'( I try so hard to get rid of it but no matter what it gets worse and worse every day. I have a dermatologist appointment on thursday. wish me luck. :(
—Guest Julia

I Hate Acne!

I hate acne!!!!!! I have it sooo bad and the worst part of it is that out of all places it is on my face. I am doing everything in the world for it such as washing my face twice a day with neutrogena, taking hormonal estrogen pills, eating the right foods, and only drinking water. However, there is one thing that i do that is bad for it and that is: I wear cream and powder to cover it up, assuming that people wont notice it, when the reality of it is that they can notice it a little but not much. Do I care? Nooo! I dont. And for all of you acne sufferers out there, i just wanted you to know that you are not alone. I am 15 and I have tons of drama about it. ACNE WILL GO AWAY IF YOU AVOID STRESSING. DOING THAT HAS HELPED ME AT TIMES.
—Guest hawiee

Its horrible!

I am 12 and I have had acne since I started 6th grade. My friends were blessed with perfect skin but I was cursed with acne prone skin. I am not confident and have a low self esteem. I don't like to go spend the night with people, go places, get close to other people, look people in the eye because all they do is stare at my acne. It's horrible. I cry and cry. NO one understands, but my mom partly understands. Just typing this brings tears to my eyes. I have scars and pimples, mine are usually big bumps and take forever to get rid of and once I get rid of them they leave scars. I have had the same scars for over like 3 months. My skin was perfect and I had no worries but now it's ugly and horrendous. I sit and look up "cures" but everyone who has struggled with acne knows there is no such thing as a "cure". When my mom was my age she struggled with acne to. No one know how I feel and what I go through.
—Guest Acneedplwasegoaway

I feel ugly

I am 14 and I'm tired of having acne. I started having little tiny bumps when I was 13 and now I still have them but I also have big ones with pus. I have really low self esteem and whenever I see my crush I would just look away or go somewhere else cause I don't want him to see my ugly face :( those big pimples really hurt too. I've been trying products but they never work. All my friends have clear skin, my family too. Whenever I talk to my friends or family I noticed they will always be staring at my forehead. I don't have any bangs, I clip up my fringe. My parents also always mention about my pimples saying that I have a lot. I know they're just joking but I feel really hurt and sad. Right now I have like 5-6 BIG pimples some with pus and they're soooo red. Its really embarrassing and I hope they go away...:( I wish I have flawless and perfect skin.. Recently I decided to change my diet such as eating more fruits and veggies and drinking lots of green tea and water :) hope it'll help.
—Guest A

Worst Thing About Acne Is

The Worst Thing About Having Teen Acne Is...

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