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Readers Respond: The Worst Thing About Having Teen Acne Is...

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Updated March 25, 2013

I Hate Acne!

I hate acne!!!!!! I have it sooo bad and the worst part of it is that out of all places it is on my face. I am doing everything in the world for it such as washing my face twice a day with neutrogena, taking hormonal estrogen pills, eating the right foods, and only drinking water. However, there is one thing that i do that is bad for it and that is: I wear cream and powder to cover it up, assuming that people wont notice it, when the reality of it is that they can notice it a little but not much. Do I care? Nooo! I dont. And for all of you acne sufferers out there, i just wanted you to know that you are not alone. I am 15 and I have tons of drama about it. ACNE WILL GO AWAY IF YOU AVOID STRESSING. DOING THAT HAS HELPED ME AT TIMES.
—Guest hawiee

Its horrible!

I am 12 and I have had acne since I started 6th grade. My friends were blessed with perfect skin but I was cursed with acne prone skin. I am not confident and have a low self esteem. I don't like to go spend the night with people, go places, get close to other people, look people in the eye because all they do is stare at my acne. It's horrible. I cry and cry. NO one understands, but my mom partly understands. Just typing this brings tears to my eyes. I have scars and pimples, mine are usually big bumps and take forever to get rid of and once I get rid of them they leave scars. I have had the same scars for over like 3 months. My skin was perfect and I had no worries but now it's ugly and horrendous. I sit and look up "cures" but everyone who has struggled with acne knows there is no such thing as a "cure". When my mom was my age she struggled with acne to. No one know how I feel and what I go through.
—Guest Acneedplwasegoaway

I feel ugly

I am 14 and I'm tired of having acne. I started having little tiny bumps when I was 13 and now I still have them but I also have big ones with pus. I have really low self esteem and whenever I see my crush I would just look away or go somewhere else cause I don't want him to see my ugly face :( those big pimples really hurt too. I've been trying products but they never work. All my friends have clear skin, my family too. Whenever I talk to my friends or family I noticed they will always be staring at my forehead. I don't have any bangs, I clip up my fringe. My parents also always mention about my pimples saying that I have a lot. I know they're just joking but I feel really hurt and sad. Right now I have like 5-6 BIG pimples some with pus and they're soooo red. Its really embarrassing and I hope they go away...:( I wish I have flawless and perfect skin.. Recently I decided to change my diet such as eating more fruits and veggies and drinking lots of green tea and water :) hope it'll help.
—Guest A

Been on both sides of the bell-curve

A few months ago, my skin was unbelievably perfect. I used to avoid the sun, wash it night + day, and it used to be like porcealin, and not only that but i had smooth skin, so smooth it looks shiny like an apple. It wasnt even oily, cuz the shine came from the smoothness... fast forward a few months, my face is ruined. I even have cysts, and my cheeks have so many marks that it looks like one red blotch :'( i have never hated myself this much, but i know now what it feels to be paranoid from light places, hate looking people in the eyes, aware of foundation/powder on everyone. its so horrible when i see patches of my old perfect skin, it just reminds me of what i used to have -.- and now i even have tiny little pore like scars on my cheek. Normal people wont even notice them and they are considered "pores" on normal people, but i dont get pores. these are scars :'(( my parents are supportive tho and say after acne fades, i can get surgery for any marks left. its ruining my life :'(
—Guest cici

Pimples mess up lives

Okay so I'm 14 year old boy with zits, yes! It really bugs me. I used to talk to so many cute girls. I had a good life. I was always out in the sun getting tan till my dad died then I started to brake out bad. I was so mad I didn't like to see myself in the mirror, every time I do now I'm a shame of how I look :( I don't even really socialize with people. I don't even go out side. I think people are looking at my face. I tried so many things for my face nothing WORKS like really I am a shame, its sad. ACNE messed up my life, people that feel the way I do your not alone ...
—Guest guest13

Dont worry

Hi, im chris and im 16, i have had acne since i was 13. I only have tiny spots but alot of them and my face is quite red, on my forehead, cheeks and chin. I went to the dermatologist and got a thing called cumlaude:acnilaude C, and another one K and epiduo. I strongly recommend it. It doesnt get rid but it helps your skin alot and your confidence even more. Theres no miracle cream thats gna get rid of it so stop looking!
—Guest bob

I hate acne but please dont stress out

Im12 now and I've had spots since I was like 10 and I'm not kidding. It really sucks. I would look so much better if they'd clear up! Its annoying cuz I have very few friends, I'm so unpopular I've got zits and I'm deaf in one ear. Plus I'm getting the Mick took outta me. People always pull my hair up to see my hearing aid and then they see my zits like EUH! I have this huge zit under my nose it looks like a friggin yellow wart. I wear makeup to school everyday and I've stopped wearing my hearing aid. People have kinda stopped now. But that doesn't stop the fact that I'm unpopular, half deaf with spots. But sometimes I tell myself to shut the hell up cuz you can see on tv those poor people who have face deformities and stuff that they'll live with for the rest of their lives. I hope that means something to you. Your not alone, soon I daresay it will go. So think about the people that are starving and wonder what your complaining bout. Don't stress out please.
—Guest hates acne


When I was younger, I had moderate acne. My self esteem went from low to lower. I became anorexic. All this because other people didn't acknowledge me. To all those out there who are despairing, just know that even though we judge ourselves harshly doesn't mean other people do, too.
—Guest Delphyna

What do friends think????

Looking at people and wondering what they can see on your face, they must think your so dirty
—Guest E

Better early than late

For those of you who are younger with acne, just tough it out. I've never had acne until I was 17, that's when I first started breaking out, and I'm 19 now and I still have moderate breakouts, the worst part is the post-acne mark. I know 11 year olds can be a tease but it's better to go through it early, that way you don't have it as severe when you are older.
—Guest Jeffrey

I Hate It !

I have this acne since i was 13, and now im 15. All of my pimples on my cheeks are huge, like two pimples in one and it hurts so bad. I always i cried and wish that i wish i could have a beautiful face just like my friends just once! I've use some antibiotics, proactive, cleansers, but it didn't work. I always come outside my house and hang out with my friends but my pimples are destroying my confidence. So me and my friends in the park, people just keep staring at my face like im ignoring it and covering it with my handkerchief. Im so lucky that my friends don't tease me with this pimple coz they have pimples same as mine but not huge. I feel so angry about this acne, i hate it ! I want my face to be smooth.
—Guest Alex

I know...

Im 12 and I have back, chest, shoulder and face acne and it SUCKS!!!
—Guest Guest 56

Acne makes me ugly

Okay, this is my second time writing on here (first one was Acne, acne go away!) I'm just becoming more and more depressed. I feel fat and ugly. Kids at school are just pointing out my acne even more! One girl was like, "whoa, you have like, lots of zits on your forehead" it's like, yeah I know that I have an ugly face. You think I haven't noticed? You'd think 11 year olds would be nice to a fellow 11 year old, but no. All the guys are disgusted by my face. It makes me sooo depressed. I have tried to kill myself even! But I'm too chicken, and I have made up my mind to never do so. My parents have spent more than 100 dollars on skin care products which have just made me breakout more. Nobody deserves acne... It's just too cruel. Man, I used to have flawless, smooth skin. What happened!? Now I look like a monster! I hate how my friends, when they get one, small zit on their chin start to freak out and say "ew! I'm so nasty!" like, shut up, get over it! good luck...
—Guest Izzy

o.m.g in public!!

Im 13 and Im in 8th grade and it feels so embarrassing to appear in front of the whole class while doing a speech with pimples! Although I have a daily routine to take care of my skin I still get breakouts! I don't wear makeup bcuz I heard that it only makes it difficult to cure. All my besties have the best & flawless skin! It just feels sad to be the odd one out. Its really nice to get support and not get teased :) so I would like to give a shout to all the boys & girls who experience this, don't be afraid to go out in public with pimples. Cuz eventually they will disappear.
—Guest Guest why

Acne almost ruined my Life

I started getting acne when I was about 12 years old. It wasn't bad at first but as the years went by it got worse. I remember moments when I didnt even want to go outside because of it . I would cry myself to sleep at night, I stopped socializing and going out with my friends because I knew how uncomfortable I was. I've tried many products and some helped while some made it worse. Now I'm 15 and all I've wanted in life is to have perfect skin. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be flawless. So to all of you struggling with acne just remember that the more you worry about it , the worst it will get.
—Guest CiCi

Worst Thing About Acne Is

The Worst Thing About Having Teen Acne Is...

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