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Readers Respond: The Worst Thing About Having Teen Acne Is...

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Updated March 25, 2013

Not just for teenagers.

That it doesn't stop. It's not a teenager thing. I'm 34 now and it still hasn't stopped. I've spent thousands of dollars on products, facials, chemical peels...nothing helps.
—Guest Stirred

I cant get rid of it!

Ive had acne since i was 10 and im now nearly 14 and no matter what i use on my face it never seems to go away. I started using 3 different things on my face and with moisturiser but they never go away. I sit next to all these people with perfectly clear skin in school and i dont know how they do it. I hate having spots so much, im just hoping im one of those people who will leave school and all their acne clears up and they finally are good looking:(
—Guest Seriously annoyed:l

I need help!

I'm a 15 year old girl thar is suffering really bad acne scars! And I started wearing make up at 11 or 12 but my mom wouldn't give me permission and I wouldn't listen to her. Now I regret not listening. I'm going through a bad acne problem/acne scar problem. Also I have scars on my back and chest for breaking but also it could be because I've been popping my pimples. I don't like when I see a pimple so I pop it and I know I shouldn't be doing that because it gets worse!
—Guest Erica_Fuentes_

I hate myself

I hate it so much. If there's one thing I could get rid of it would most definitely be acne. The worst is when kids ask why or when my mom doesn't believe that I try so hard, I wash my face at LEAST twice a day no matter what! I put cream on, I DO EVERYTHING! ): I try so much and I cry myself to sleep because it doesn't work. I feel so ugly. How can she think I don't try? And Im not allowed to go to the dermatologist... I can't even talk to people without shaking, I think they are going say something. The only thing I can think is they think I'm ugly, they think I'm gross. I just wish they knew... I wish something would help... I wish I could go swimming, striking was my favorite sport. Now forget it. I'll never even let myself have a boyfriend, what if he sees my chest or back and runs away screaming or laughs? Im so insecure. I guess I'll just hate myself the rest of my life.
—Guest err

Acne and makeup

Ok so I've had acne for 6 years now (it's mostly cleared up but I usually have one zit somewhere on my face) and ever since 7th/8th grade I started wearing makeup. When I first started wearing makeup I got started getting compliments. People started calling me pretty for the first time in my whole life so I continued wearing makeup because I knew I looked better with it. Over the years I've gotten better at putting on makeup and taking care of my skin and doing my hair so I pretty much look like a preppy person and nobody has called me ugly in years. The only problem with this is now I can't stop wearing makeup... People expect me to look a certain way and I can't just go to school without makeup on and look totally different. When people call me pretty or beautiful or whatever it's more like they're saying my makeup is beautiful cause if they saw my real face they'd probably run away. I put a mask on every day just so I can blend in and not be made fun of :p at least I *look* pretty.
—Guest Girly

It gets better

I started getting pimples on my forehead and nose when I was in 5th grade. For all 3 years of middle school I was bullied for being a zit face. My mom, dad and friends would ask me if I washed me face. (OF COURSE I DID). I went to a dermatologist in 8th grade and got some face medicine and it cleared up a lot.
—Guest Some girl


My goal over the breaks has always been to have good skin when I come back to school. I try to drink alot of water, eat healthier and sleep. Whatever I do, they always come back, mostly on my forehead, that's my biggest problem. Since summer I've been getting them on my chin too. I just want to feel confident to talk to everyone and the boy I like, and my parents think there is something wrong with me because I don't go out and interact with people. Acne is the first thing I think of when I wake up, and the last thing when I sleep. They don't know how it feels. I have to go through this every day and now I've been starting to think about what I'm eating because that makes it worse. My parents don't know this is the answer to my behaviour, and I'm thinking of telling them (at least my mom). I'm so tired of everything. ***Guide Note: Sara, I encourage you to talk with your Mom! Tell your parents how you're feeling. They can't understand if you don't tell them. Once you do, they can help you get the right treatment. So, I say go for it!
—Guest Sara

It really hurts me inside

Honestly everytime i look in the mirror i feel like im not good enough............... and its all because of my acne. I mean i know im not they ONLY TEENAGER IN THE WORLD that has acne but ....huhhhhh i really cant explain how miserable i feel inside when people talk about it or ask me about and plus im mixed so my skin is light and it shows up pretty visibly but i try to keep my confidence up but sometimes its hard ya know?
—Guest cant say :(

Don't like pictures

I've struggle with acne since 7th grade. I've tried many things but my acne has gotten worse over the years. I'm in 12th grade now and I don't think my problem will ever go away so many of my friends have clear skin and I hate taking pictures with them because my face comes out with all these acne and acne scars. Now I'm tired of it and I don't know what to do.
—Guest Guest Tina

Should I stop washing my face?

I'm 14 years old and I've had acne since I was 10 years old. Yes back when I was 5th grade and 6 th I hardly ever washed my face cause it would run out cause my siblings had acne but then I had mild acne with out really any dark spots. But when I was in 7th and 8th my acne go horribly bad but I was glad I went to school online. Anyway now I'm in 9th grade and my acne is better since I went to the dermatologist. I'm glad the acne on my forehead went away cause thats where it was the worst. I have a lot dark spot or hyperpigmentation with a lot red marks and I'm on prescribed acne prescriptions.
—Guest ItryIdotry

We'll get through it!

Ok so I'm 14 and always had little bumps and stuff but I just started high school and maaaaan did it get worse!!! All my other friends have perfect skin and I just slap on makeup because I'd rather look like a clown than show my skin :( it's pathetic honestly! I try everything and a couple days ago I just burst into tears and my mom said to leave it alone. So I took her advice, I mean what could I even lose at this point? I wash my face in the morning and evening with a gentle Clinique cleanser and don't touch or treat any of it! My face is glowing and evening out and all my pimples are healing so fast! I know it's tough and I haven't cured s**t but I know how tough it is. I just want to be able to not have to worry about covering it up on trips or during sports cuz I don't wanna be the girl with the face caked with makeup O_o I just feel so ugly with my skin! I wuld have all my confidence if the acne vanished! Good luck guys! :) hang in there!
—Guest CakeFace

People make fun of me

I have acne and my friends make fun of me because i have alot of pimples in my forehead, chest, in my back.
—Guest Ana Martinez

It's the only thing anyone ever notices

I have had acne since 6th grade. I'm in 8th now and it really sucks. It's severe and every time I look in the mirror I'm reminded of it. People say I'm pretty and that they don't notice the pimples but I feel like that's the only thing anyone ever notices. Once I asked my younger bro what he thought of when he heard my name. He said zits..... I just hate it when people ask if I wash my face OF COURSE I DO or recommend certain things THEY DONT WORK I just hate it! Or even if my mom or dad mention trying something new just when I think my face is getting better. Little kids bug me the most, when they ask what's on my face. My acne is constantly on my mind. :( But I just smile and focus on my good traits. Remember it will all be over soon, and when it's gone you'll be beautiful
—Guest ^.^

Acne sucks

I've had acne since I started secondary school and I am now 15. I don't get bullied about it but I hate looking people in the eye because I can feel them judging my skin. I'm probably average looking if I didn't have spots and I'm so jealous of my friends with clear skin who complain when they get one little spot! I'm afraid to wear certain clothes because I even have spots on my back and chest. I've never been bullied about it but its embarrassing when the little kids I volunteer with ask me about "all those spots over your face" or my younger cousins pick up on it. I think the worst thing is people dont understand that sometimes you just can't stop acne and the multiple face washes and cleansers JUST DON'T WORK. I hate the fact that people might think I'm unclean or have a bad diet when I cleanse and moisturise every night and eat healthier, less oily food than all my clear faced friends. :(
—Guest Guest R

It's ruining my life

I'm 13, and going to be 14 very soon. I first got acne around 5th grade. 6th grade I got made fun of quite a bit, and it's been going on quite alot. I absolutely HATE looking at myself in the mirror. I have very acne prone skin, and I have multiple discoloration and scars now... It's very hard. I rarely hang out with people now. I feel so ugly. It's really unfair!!! I hate that people are ignorant enough to make fun of your acne. Trust me, we know it's there. You reading this, ill stay strong if YOU stay strong with me
—Guest Misael

Worst Thing About Acne Is

The Worst Thing About Having Teen Acne Is...

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