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Readers Respond: Does Acne Keep You From Exercise?

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Updated May 26, 2009

From a healthier heart to a reduction in stress, there is no doubt exercise is good for both our minds and our bodies. But even knowing all the benefits of exercise, many of us still have a tough time actually getting motivated. And acne sufferers may be less likely than most to exercise regularly.

Does acne embarrassment keep you from exercise, or do other factors that stand in your way?

And if you do exercise regularly, share what keeps you motivated!

Exercise and Acne

I go for a 1-3 mile run every other day. I believe (and have done research on this) that exercise HELPS acne because getting ur blood flowing helps bring new skin cells to the surface. Its march and i only started breaking out really bad in january, so i havent had to go swimming yet.
—Guest 12withAcne

I avoided swimming too!

I swam every day as a kid, but then when I got acne I would only go when no one else was around. I had it on my face and body so there was nothing I could do to cover it up. When I got older I started avoiding anything to do with water sports and people. I lived near beaches and lakes, so I never participated in these kinds of things with groups of people.

I Love Swimming But Hate My Acne

I guess I'm lucky that I don't have acne on my face, but I do have it real bad on my back. I've always loved to swim, I'm so embarrassed about putting on my swimsuit because of the acne on my back. Usually, I just swim anyway even though I know people are staring at my back. But the good news is I think the chlorine helps clear the acne!
—Guest C.J.
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