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Readers Respond: What is Your Favorite Acne Makeup?

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Updated April 16, 2009

What is your favorite acne makeup? A super light powder that stops oily shine? A cream foundation that does a bang-up job of hiding breakouts?

Makeup can be a great confidence-booster, and help you feel more comfortable in your own skin. But finding the right product can be daunting!

Have you found a product that works great, without aggravating acne? Tell us about the makeup you use and love, and why it's the product you can't live without.

Two Great Foundations

Clinique and Neutrogena both have great foundations to help with acne. Using powders may cover your acne, but even mineral makeup clogs pores.
—Guest aimee

Jane Iredale - the best!

After receiving several acne facial treatments, I was referred to try Jane Iredale mineral makeup. This product is great! Very good coverage and it doesn't feel heavy. Very natural looking and it helps to heal existing acne.
—Guest Guest K.

Bare Minerals is the best

Every kind of make up I have used in the past aggrevated my skin. At first I couldn't figure out the solution as to why I was breaking out even with a small application of liquid foundation. Finally, researched and came across Bareminerals. I hesitated on buying it I was about to give up on makeup, OK I thought one last try. Bought it, tried it for a week and its the best makeup I have ever wore, its so light, doesn't cake up or smear, it gives you a beautiful glow.
—Guest Rachel

I prefer...

After trying a ton of foundations I stared using medium coverage foundation from Mary Kay and their pressed powder and it gives me that natural look and the best of all is that it stays on all day :)

Almay Clear Complexion Makeup: The Best!

When I used this product, it cleared my skin and looked great! This is great for all skin types and doesn't leave your skin oily at all, which I hate the look of the liquid foundation, but this didn't give that look at all. It looked completely natural, even if it was covering a pimple. I am 13 years old and just wanted to say I am a growing teenager and this stuff is NOT acne prone. Buy it, I know I save my money for this anyday! Pros: flawless coverage, non-greasy, no acne, no clogging of pores, look of no makeup, looks awesome! And overall does a great job at what it does! A+ to you, Almay!
—Guest Savie

Makeup That Works

If your acne is bad, Clinique's Acne Control foundation works wonders. If your skin is not that bad I recommend Physicians Formula Healthywear tinted moisturizer with SPF 50 built in it. It is sheer but has an amazing coverage for a tinted moisturizer. It also moisturizes your skin so your acne is blended away whereas a drying foundation would bring attention to acne. Use the Physicians Formula TM with a Physicians Formula translucent powder and baked bronzed or blush. It's a beautiful combo and blends acne away instead of covering it completely and putting more notice to it. Oh and if you want to treat acne first I recommend using the Clinique Three Step Acne Solution. It's a bit pricey but it works soooo well. Hope I helped :)
—Guest S


I use Neutrogena Skin Clearing oil-free makeup. It has Blemish Treatment with Salicylic Acid, and it isn't oily and doesn't make me break out as some do. It also stays all day even when I'm at school. So far this one is the best I have found that actually helps my acne as well, instead of just covering it up.
—Guest Hailey P

Bare Minerals

I really love using Bare Minerals on my skin. I'm not going to lie when I say I seriously thought it wouldn't make much of a difference but I was extremely wrong. Bare Minerals is gentle on my skin and acne, it did not irrtate it like others. With this product a little can go a long way. I didn't feel like I had to apply a lot to get the coverage I needed. It feels light on the face. Not only is it gentle on the skin, it is very natural looking. A lot of make up can make the face look "cakey" and unevenly applied. Bare Minerals is a powder and is easy to apply to the whole face and create a nice natural look. Although its a powder I find I don't need to keep applying it throughout the day. It stays on the skin for long periods of time without rubbing off the skin from everday activities. Most of all, I love how it covers up blemishes. It camouflages those pesky blemishes so well! I find it to be pricey which is why I can't use it as much as I like but it is my favorite so far.
—Guest Brianne

Simple coverage!

I just use an actually quite simple combination: the Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid and then Clinique Face Powder in Transparency Neutral - this gives me enough coverage, is matte and looks quite naturally perfect!
—Guest Mia


I use mineral make up. I have sensitive skin. I use Tru Blend concealer and Tru Blend powder. It makes my skin look great I love it. And I wash my face at night I use that PONDS cold cream. It works nicely and I moisturize and use sunscreen.
—Guest Lia22

Origins Mineral Makeup Works for Me

I mostly get acne on my chin. I use Originals Multigrain mineral makeup; a counter person suggested it to me. It does not provide a lot of coverage but it doesn't affect my skin or cause it to break out any more. Allows my skin to breathe!

Mix and Match Your Acne Makeup

Stay away from medicated acne makeup and use something from a dermatologist. For makeup, I like Smashbox HD concealer or L'oreal True Match concealer and then Benefit Hello Flawless. Bare Minerals is always great too.

Almay, Trublend, and Physician's Formula

I use: Almay clear complexion makeup. It lasts all day--stay dry and in place all day. Compared to neutrogena's version--which has less Salicylic acid((0.5%) and a smaller bottle (for a bigger price), Almay is the best deal with 0.6% Salicylic, a bigger bottle, and a much better price. My skin has been clearing up since I started using it. And no new pimples to complain about. For powder: I use Physician's Formula: [Translucent] Mineral Correcting Powder It works amazing at blending out any splotches, dark circles, and redness. Covers well and doesn't cake. For blush: I use Trublend's loose powder blush (and I use a blush brush, not the poof it comes with). Wash your face with a deep cleaning face wash like PONDS cold cream EVERY night. I put in on and get in the shower (open my pore) and let the water stream over my face. Works wonders: just take eye makeup off first and wash hands before you apply all over your face.
—Guest Alisha

Neutrogena Is the Best Makeup for Acne!

Neutrogena is most definitely the best. I found when using products with salicylic acid in it, it helps with clearing up the skin and keeping new pimples from coming in.
—Guest Guest T

my faves

As we get older we NEED a little coverage. Maybelline Minerals Black Opal Concealer Emu oil and (Lord Help me) Dermablend on really ugly scars. Besides, if you're breaking out anyway, what's the diff? Don't forget sunscreen!
—Guest Im_a_mom40
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