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Readers Respond: Is Toner an Important Part of Your Skin Care Routine?

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Updated July 30, 2009

From the article: Should I Use a Toner?

Toner is either viewed as an essential skin care step or an unnecessary product, depending on who you talk to. Even skin care experts can't seem to agree.

Do you use a toner, or not? Tell us why toner is an important part of your skin care routine, or why you decide to forgo it.

It's a must for me

I have very oily skin and my pores trap dirt & makeup. I can shower, scrub, and there's still dirt/makeup left on my skin. Toner helps with getting it out. I also have sensitive skin so I use the sensitive skin formulas. Trapped blackheads that I've had for weeks are finally starting to disappear. On my makeup free days I'll use toner 2-3 times a day to control the oil. (It gets pretty bad.) I don't use any other acne products because of over drying the skin. Toner helps me balance it out & get trapped dirt off.
—Guest Liz

The perfect toner

I have acne prone skin and I started using a toner twice a day. My skin looks brighter and healthier. I can't say for sure if it's helping with the acne but the one I use hasn't made it worse. I use Neutrogena's Alcohol Free Toner. I have combination skin and this product doesn't leave my skin dry or oily.
—Guest Christine

Do I need a toner?

I do not use a toner but did wonder. I use a creamy milk cleanser and wash off any excess with warm water then use night cream. Find it works.
—Guest Anne(65 years)

Yes, But In Certain Areas

Yes, I use toner on my clean face after I shower but not the whole face. I only pat the toner on the acne/redness area because I don't want to overdry my face. Remember to put on moisturizer every night to prevent dryness & keep it moist. Try the Natio Young Toner to feel the different feels of the toner vs OTC toner. It is especially for the acne & oily skin user.
—Guest Kim

Toners Leaves My Skin Fresh

I use toner, not all the time but very often. I feel like it leaves my skin more fresh, more clean, or maybe it just seems to me like that.
—Guest Gina

Use Buttermilk as a Toner

Wash your face normally. Apply buttermilk like a toner. Allow to dry. Rinse with warm water. Blackhead removal and softening on the cheap!
—Guest guest mom


I find that toner helps to get that extra dirt, grit, and dead skin off that cleansing might not get rid of. However, I only use it every few days on average because it can dry out my skin if I use it everyday ( I have combination skin, as well). I think it just depends on how sensitive, oily or dry your skin is. It may not be for everyone!
—Guest Paige

Yes and No

Toners, I have learned are more beneficial for very oily skin. Because toners can be very drying and irritating (as in my case - I have combination skin) they are typically a step that is highly unnecessary. Also, toners, even for very oily skin types, might not be as necessary. I never used a toner after cleansing in the past. Even after trying out two different toners and realizing they caused havoc on my skin, I was afraid to ever try a toner again. Than I read about ingredients and starting becoming smarter and savvier about the products that were going on my skin. Though it's been a while since I've used one, I am now attempting to give a glycolic clarifying toner a chance to treat the random and all of a sudden breakouts I accumulated this year (out of NO where!!). Overall, it is optional. If you need it, use it, if not, no worries.
—Guest Angela
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