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Get a Simple Acne Treatment Routine

Streamline Your Regimen for Simple Acne Treatment


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Having trouble sticking to your acne treatment regimen? Maybe a simple acne treatment routine is needed.

Studies found that people are more likely to stick with and consistently use a simpler acne treatment routine. This consistency will give you a better end result.

Are you ready to streamline your treatment routine into a regimen that's quick and simple to use?

Think Consistency, Not Quantity.

There's no need to buy out the entire skin care aisle at the drug store. Instead of buying several treatment products, start with one two and use them consistently. If you see results, no need to spend more money on other products.

Remember, it can take several weeks before you seem improvement, so don't be tempted to scrap your treatments for another too soon.

Make It Easy to Use.

If you feel your treatment routine is too complicated, or takes too much time, you might not stick with it. There are ways to make your treatment routine simpler.

Don't like applying several treatments at a time? Try asking your doctor about combination treatments. Combo treatments contain two or more acne medications in one tube. Just one application and you're done. This may be a more expensive option, though, and some may not be covered by your insurance.

You can also cut the guesswork down when choosing an OTC product. Try a complete acne treatment skin care system like Proactiv or AcneFree. They don't necessarily work any better than other OTC products, but they are good options if walking into the skin care aisle makes your head spin with too many choices.

Use Your Treatments at the Same Time Every Day.

The best treatments in the world won't work if you aren't using them. Make using your acne treatments part of your normal getting-ready-for-the-day or getting-ready-for-bed routine. This makes it super easy to get in the treatment habit and cuts down on those "oops, I forgot" moments.

Remember, anything that makes it easier for you to use your acne treatments correctly and consistently will ultimately help you get clearer skin.

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