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Acne Skin Care Tips for Autumn

3 Acne Skin Care Tips for the Changeable Autumn Weather


Updated September 23, 2009

The kids are back in school, the air is crisp. Autumn is just around the corner. But with this shift in the weather comes changes that can affect your skin.

With just a few easy tweaks to your skin care routine, you can continue to make improvement with your acne.

1. Don’t Stop Using Sunscreen

You’ve dutifully applied sunscreen all summer long -- don’t stop now. Sure, it isn’t blazing hot anymore, but that doesn’t mean you should skip sun protection.

You’re still susceptible to sun damage (and can still get sun burned) during these autumn days, especially if the cooler weather prompts you to spend a few more leisurely afternoons outdoors.

Many acne treatments cause photosensitivity, meaning they increase your chances of sunburn. Besides, too much sun exposure causes premature aging. Slather on sunscreen or a moisturizer-sunscreen combo every day.

2. Try a More Emollient Moisturizer

The cold air and brisk winds that herald autumn can also mean dry skin. This, coupled with drying acne treatments, means your light summer lotion may not cut it.

If your skin is feeling tight, or you’re noticing more flaking and peeling, it’s definitely time to switch to a more emollient moisturizer. A heavier product needn’t worsen acne. Look for an oil-free, noncomedogenic brand.

3. Use Your Acne Treatments Consistently

Fall brings a flurry of new activities. Teens find themselves back in the swing of balancing schoolwork, homework, after-school jobs, clubs and sports.

Adult acne sufferers also are caught up in renewed responsibilities after the (somewhat) slower pace of summer. And, of course, fall brings the start of the holiday season.

Amidst all the hustle and excitement, sometimes your own needs get pushed to the back burner. But consistent use of your acne treatments is crucial for improvement.

Make it a point to use your treatments, every day, as directed. No skipping days! When life gets hectic, try simple reminders, like placing treatments next to your toothbrush.

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