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Professional Procedures

Many acne treatments are performed at dermatologist's offices, medi-spas, and salons. Learn more about these professional acne treatments, and how they can help you treat your acne.

Have You Been to a Medical Spa?
Are you excitedly looking forward to your next treatment, or was your appointment a less-than-stellar event? Share your medi-spa experience.

Treating Acne at the Medi-Spa
What types of treatments can you find at the medi-spa?

What Is a Medical Spa?
What is a medical spa? Also known as medi-spas, medical spas are becoming increasingly popular, especially for those with acne. Find out more about medical spas, and if this treatment option is right for your acne.

Intralesional Corticosteroid Injections (Cortisone Injections)
Although not quite as extraordinary as a magic wand, corticosteroid injections may be the next best thing. Done in your dermatologists office, this treatment quickly reduces inflammation and heals the breakout in just a few days.

Acne Facials - Love Them or Hate Them?
It's your turn to weigh in! Hear what others have to say about acne facials, and share your thoughts and experiences as well.

Why Does My Esthetician Squeeze Blackheads and Blemishes?
You've always been told not to pick at your blackheads and blemishes. So why does your esthetician insist on during it during your facial treatment?

Photodynamic Therapy
What's new in the world of acne light treatments? Learn about photodynamic therapy (PDT) and its use in treating moderate to severe inflammatory acne.

Will Salon Facials Clear Acne?
Are they a good investment or a waste of money? It kind of depends on your skin.

Light Chemical Peels
Chemical peels are popular and effective acne treatments. Learn more about chemical peels, using chemical peels as an acne treatment, and what to expect from your chemical peel.

What is a Facial?
Learn all about salon facial treatments, from About.com's Guide to Spas.

Chemical Peels
Chemical peels are sometimes used to treat certain types of acne, as well as mild acne scarring. Learn what to expect from a chemical peel, from the American Academy of Dermatology.

Video: Microdermabrasion Treatment
What happens during a microdermabrasion treatment? Watch this video and see first-hand!

What Is Microdermabrasion?
What is microdermabrasion? Learn about microdermabrasion and if it can be used to treat acne.

Benefits of Microdermabrasion
Before you have a microdermabrasion treatment done, learn the benefits of microdermabrasion treatment. Find out what microdermabrasion can realistically do for your skin, what it can't do, and what benefits of microdermabrasion you can expect to see on your skin.

Possible Side Effects of Microdermabrasion
What are the possible side effects of microdermabrasion? Learn about the most common side effects of microdermabrasion before your microdermabrasion treatment.

Who Should Not Have Microdermabrasion Done?
Microdermabrasion isn't right for everyone. Before heading to the salon, find out if you're better off not having a microdermabrasion treatment done.

How Does Microdermabrasion Work?
Learn how both crystal microdermabrasion and diamond microdermabrasion works, and what you can expect from your treatment.

What Estheticians Can't Do For Your Skin
Before you head to the salon for a treatment by an esthetician, learn what estheticians can't do for your skin.

What to Expect During a Microdermabrasion Treatment
The answers to these five questions will help you know exactly what to expect during your microdermabrasion treatment.

What is an Acne Facial?
Learn what an acne treatment facial is all about.

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