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Nelsons Pure & Clear 4 Step System


Updated September 29, 2011

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Nelsons Pure & Clear 4 Step System:

An over-the-counter acne treatment skin care system. The four products can be purchased individually or used together as a complete skin care regimen.

Active Ingredients:

Arnica, calendula, hypericum perforatum (St. John’s wort)

Other Ingredients:

Sulfur, tea tree oil, lavender oil, grapefruit peel oil, aloe vera extract

Four-Step Program Contains:

Purifying Cleansing Wipes are also available for on-the-go cleansing.


About $44 for the four-step program (30- to 60-day supply)

Where You Can Buy:

Whole Foods Markets and other retailers, and online at Nelsons Natural World (manufacturer’s website)


  • Complete system takes guesswork out of choosing appropriate skin-care products.
  • Four simple steps are easy to use.
  • Good for people who are sensitive to parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, PEG or artificial colorants and fragrances.


  • Lack of proven acne medications

Pure & Clear 4 Step System Guide Review:

I like anything simple. So being able to buy a complete skin-care routine is a big plus. No struggles in the skin-care aisle over which products to buy!

That's one thing I liked about Nelsons Pure & Clear skin-care line. The four-step system consists of a cleansing wash, toner, moisturizer and treatment gel. Another cool feature is that each product is clearly labeled in the order of use - step 1, step 2, etc. This makes it super easy to use.

Although the products make up a complete skin-care routine, they're purchased individually rather than in a set. So, if you run out of moisturizer before cleanser, you can buy only what you need.

The natural ingredients also intrigued me. Doesn't lavender oil and calendula sound so luxurious? The downside: I'm not certain these ingredients will really do much to clear a case of acne.

Those who are committed to natural products will likely love this system, though. The products contain no artificial colorings or fragrances, and are paraben- and sodium laurel sulfate-free, if those ingredients concern you.

Case in point: one of my students is vegan, makes her own natural shampoos and toothpastes, and stays away from anything chemical. Her teen, like many others, was struggling with acne. Due to her personal beliefs, she was adamant that her daughter not use any of the traditional over-the-counter (OTC) acne treatments like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. A skin-care system like this one is a good alternative for her. I donated my set to her daughter to try out, and they were quite happy with it.

If you're looking for a complete skin-care line geared toward acne-prone folks, especially a more natural alternative, this is a good option. Just know that this system, like many OTC products, may not be enough to clear a stubborn case of acne. In this case, a prescription medication would give you better results.

But this system is definitely a nice skin-care routine that can be used along with other acne treatment medications.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.

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