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Acne Skin Care Tips for the Holidays

Simple Skin Care Tips for Acne Prone Skin


Updated November 28, 2013

'Tis the season for holiday parties, pictures, and ... pimples?! Don't despair! You can manage, conceal, treat your acne, and look fabulous this holiday season. Get your skin ready for the holidays with these simple skin tips.

Make breakouts "disappear" with a little makeup magic.

The redness that accompanies acne can be camouflaged with the right makeup and application techniques. Green-based primers can be applied first, to help counteract the redness in the skin. Next, apply a non-comedogenic makeup that matches your skin tone. Finish with a light dusting of powder. Remember to cleanse all traces of makeup from your face at the end of the night.

Men and teen boys can opt for tinted acne medications. These flesh-tinted products help to tone down redness and blend naturally into the skin. Many popular over-the-counter brands, such as Clearasil, Oxy and Neutrogena, offer tinted treatment products.

If you're still unsure, put in a call to your local salon or day spa.

Many have makeup artists or estheticians on staff that can assist you in choosing makeup colors, and give you tips and tricks to help cover acne blemishes. You can even make an appointment to have your makeup professionally done before your big party. But schedule your appointment well in advance; these professionals book up early during this time of year.

Eliminate ultra-dry skin.

Dry skin is common during the winter months, and acne treatment products can exacerbate the problem. To ward off dryness and keep your skin soft and supple, use an oil-free moisturizer.

If your skin isn't inflamed, try a gentle alpha hydroxy acid treatment to help eliminate flakiness. Avoid gritty scrubs that can aggravate blemishes.

If you are using prescription acne medicines like Retin A, Differin or Accutane, never use an exfoliant product unless directed to do so by your doctor. Instead, get rid of peeling skin with a washcloth and some very light rubbing.

Choose your clothing colors carefully.

While red certainly looks festive during the holiday season, if you have acne you may want to steer clear of this color. The eye automatically matches similar colors. If your skin is inflamed, the red colored shirt will only seem to intensify the redness of the skin. The same goes for all red-based colors, like pink, fuchsia, burgundy and wine shades. Other colors like green, silver, or gold, can be just as festive without exaggerating the redness of the skin.

Tame holiday stress.

The holidays are a wonderful time to celebrate with family and friends. But with so many obligations that crop up this time of year, stress is often a reality of the holiday season. There is some indication that stress may worsen acne for some people. Making a point to soothe tension may help to stave of an increase in breakout activity. Managing stress, at the very least, will make for a happier holiday season.

Keep up with your regular acne treatment and skin care routine.

The holidays make life exciting... and busy.  Make sure you're not slacking off on your skin care or acne treatments during the holiday rush.  Consistency is important if you want to get acne breakouts under control.

Luckily your acne treatment routine doesn't need to be complicated or time consuming.  A regimen of gentle cleansing, an application of your acne treatment medication, and a slathering of moisturizer (if needed) is simple and effective. 

Make this regimen a priority.  Even if you're super tired at night, make sure to wash your face.  Place your acne treatments next to your toothbrush to remind you to use them.  It only takes a few minutes and does loads of good for your skin.

Use spot treatments on the inevitable pimples that do appear.

Pimples will happen, even during the holidays. Try not to worry too much about them, and instead reach for a spot treatment product containing salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or sulfur. These ingredients can help speed healing of the blemish and reduce inflammation.

If you're using a prescription acne treatment, you'll want to ask your dermatologist before using a spot treatment.  Your prescription treatment will help heal those pimples, too.  Adding an OTC spot treatment to the mix may be too much for your skin. 

For those really big boys, a cortisone injection might be just the trick.  You have to get them done at your dermatologist's office, but they can flatten that blemish within a day or two.  

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