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Living and Coping with Acne

Acne can be a frustrating and disheartening problem. But there is hope. Learn how to cope with acne breakouts and scarring. Get information on concealing acne, building self-confidence, restoring your self-esteem, and how to live with your acne while seeking treatment.
  1. Acne Scars (20)
  2. Concealing Breakouts (18)
  3. Your Self-Esteem (15)

Clear Acne Before Prom
Want to clear acne before prom? These tips will show you how.

Clear Acne Before Your Wedding Day
A monthly countdown for great wedding day skin. Tips for the bride and groom!

Readers Respond: Does Acne Embarrassment Keep You From Exercise?
Does acne keep you from exercise? Share what gets you motivated to exercise (or what stands in your way) and read what other acne sufferers have to say.

Avoiding Acne Caused By Hair Care Products
Could your hair care products be causing a case of acne cosmetica? Get some tips to help you make smart hair care choices, and banish those acne cosmetica blemishes for good.

Don't Let Acne Keep You From Regular Exercise
One study shows people with acne are less likely to exercise or play sports than their acne-free counterparts. Learn how not to fall into this trap.

Keep Your Skin Care Cabinet Neat, Clean, and Organized
It's easy to accumulate a mass of skin care products, especially when you're trying to clear up a case of acne. Learn how to recognize when skin care products have gone bad, and how to keep your skin care cabinet neat and organized.

Acne Skin Care Resolutions
These simple skin care resolutions will have you well on your way to healthier skin.

Tips for Great Holiday Skin
'Tis the season for holiday parties, pictures, and ... pimples?! Don't despair! You can manage, conceal, treat your acne, and look fabulous this holiday season. Get your skin ready for the holidays with these simple tips.

Eight Glasses a Day Keeps Acne at Bay
Drinking plenty of water every day is a healthy habit for your body, and possibly your skin. Learn why from About.com's Guide to Healing.

Resolutions for Better Skin Care
We often do things to unwittingly make our acne worse, even when we know better. It's time to make a skin care change! Make a promise to yourself to help treat acne even better by finishing this sentence: from now on I resolve to...

Save Money On Prescription Acne Medications
Let's face it, treating acne can get expensive. But there are ways to lower the cost.

A Day In The Life of a Teen with Acne
Here's what it's like to be a teen with acne.

A Day In The Life of an Adult with Acne
Here's an account of what it's like to be an adult with acne.

Book Review: Acne For Dummies
Read the review of Acne for Dummies by Herbert P. Goodheart, MD.

Book Review: You Being Beautiful by Dr. Roizen and Dr. Oz
A review of Dr. Michael Roizen and Dr. Mehmet Oz's book You Being Beautiful.

10 Things Not To Say To Someone with Acne
Even well-meaning comments can sting. Here are a few remarks you shouldn't make to someone dealing with acne.

Book Review: The Skin Commandments By Dr. Tony Nakhla
Looking for a good skin care book? This one might be right up your alley. Read the review to find out.

Book Review: Skin Rules by Dr. Debra Jaliman
Find out what I thought of Dr. Debra Jaliman's book Skin Rules.

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