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Is It OK to Sleep In Mineral Makeup?


Updated December 21, 2011

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Question: Is It OK to Sleep In Mineral Makeup?
The commercials all say that mineral makeup is so good for your skin you can sleep in it. Is that true, or just clever marketing? Is it really OK to sleep in mineral makeup?

Mineral makeup enthusiasts love that their makeup is made with natural ingredients. They love that it covers imperfections but still feels light. They love that it's so pure they can sleep in it.

Sleep in your makeup? Wait a minute! Is it really OK to sleep in mineral makeup?

Mineral makeup feels lighter than other makeup brands, but that doesn't mean leaving it on overnight is good for your skin. Makeup aside, there is still dirt, sweat, and excess oil you'll want to cleanse away before turning in.

Besides, if you're sleeping in your makeup, odds are you aren't using your acne treatments at night either. Remember, the more consistent you are with your treatments, the better the results you're going to get.

So don't skip your nightly cleansing, no matter what type of makeup you wear.

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