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Does Fried Food Cause Acne?


Updated June 26, 2014

Fried Foods and Acne
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Question: Does Fried Food Cause Acne?
I have acne and really oily skin. I do eat a lot of greasy junk foods. Does eating fried food cause acne?

Although many people will tell you eating greasy, fried foods causes breakouts, the truth is fried foods don’t cause acne.

But doesn’t greasy, oily food cause greasy oily skin? Nope. This is another myth.

Oily skin is caused by overactive sebaceous glands, and not from the foods you eat. Some people naturally have more oily skin than others.

Nearly all teens have oily skin, and it’s not because they crave potato chips and French fries. During puberty those oil glands suddenly rev up, creating shiny noses and foreheads, clogging pores and causing zits.

So, acne has more to do with hormones than it does with greasy foods.

Of course, most nutritionists will tell you to limit the amount of fatty, fried foods you eat. But while fried chicken, pepperoni pizza and other greasy foods aren’t necessarily healthy fare, they don’t cause pimples or oily skin.

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