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Acne Trigger Factors

Why did your skin suddenly start breaking out? Why does your acne seem to wax and wane? Discover the many different acne trigger factors and how you can avoid them. Learn about hormones, cosmetics, diet, and more, and how they impact acne breakouts.

Does Fried Food Cause Acne?
Is there a link between fried food and acne? Does eating greasy, oily foods cause oily skin and pimples? Get the real deal about food and acne.

Does Masturbation Cause Acne?
Does masturbation cause acne, or should it be filed under acne myths? Learn more.

Does Eating Chocolate Cause Acne?
Does chocolate cause acne? We've all heard the belief that chocolate causes acne. But is it true? Should you avoid chocolate if you have acne?

The Link Between Milk and Acne
Could drinking milk cause acne? Some researchers believe milk and dairy products can cause acne and worsen pimples. Learn more about this controversial acne cause.

Does Smoking Cause Acne?
Does smoking cause acne? According to one study, smoking cigarettes can indeed cause acne, especially non-inflamed breakouts such as blackheads and blocked pores.

Hormonal Acne
Do hormonal changes really cause acne? Learn how hormones influence acne breakouts in both teens and adults.

Carbohydrates and Acne
Some studies suggest there is a link between low-glycemic index foods (think refined sugars) and acne severity. So what's the scoop?

Is Premenstrual Acne Real?
Hormonal acne, period pimples, PMS breakouts. Whatever you call it, premenstrual acne is real. Get the basics on premenstrual acne, who suffers from it, and why it flares up every month.

Is My Makeup Causing Pimples?
Is your makeup sabotaging your attempts at clearing your skin? Learn how to lessen the chance of breakouts caused by cosmetics.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
The development or worsening of acne is one symptom of polycystic ovarian syndrome. Could this common hormonal disorder be triggering your acne? Learn more about the causes and symptoms of polycystic ovarian syndrome from About.com's Guide to Women's Health.

Solu-Medrol and Acne
As with many corticosteroids, acne is often an unwanted side effect of the Solu-Medrol. Learn more about this powerful medication, and get tips for managing acne triggered by Solu-Medrol from About.com's Guide to Multiple Sclerosis.

Does Stress Cause Acne?
Get the answer from About.com's Guide to Stress.

Food and Acne
There is so much information out there about food and acne. Some experts claim certain foods can cause acne, and cutting those foods from your diet can improve acne. Others say there is no link between food and acne -- that diet has nothing to do with the health of your skin. Where does the truth lay? Probably somewhere in the middle. ...

Does Touching Your Face With Your Hands Cause Acne?
Your hands aren't always super clean, but does touching your face with them cause acne?

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