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Acne Treatments, Over the Counter Products, and Prescription Medications


Can you do anything to improve your acne? You bet! Plenty of acne treatment products and medications are available that can help clear your skin.
  1. Understanding Acne Treatment
  2. OTC Treatments
  3. Prescription Topicals
  4. Oral Medications
  1. Professional Procedures
  2. Treatment Tips
  3. Finding Help
  4. Preserving Your Self-Esteem

Understanding Acne Treatment

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If you have acne, you'll have a lot of questions. What treatments are available? Is there a cure? Understanding how acne is treated will help you care for your skin.

OTC Treatments

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Not all cases of acne warrant a trip to the dermatologist. You may be able to successfully clear your acne using over-the-counter products.

Prescription Topicals

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If your acne is moderate to severe, or not responding to over-the-counter treatments, you should talk to your doctor. Many topical acne medication are available with a prescription.

Oral Medications

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Tough cases of acne might need to be treated with oral medication. These medications may be used alone, or in addition to topical treatments.

Professional Procedures

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In addition to topical products and oral medications, your skin may benefit from professional procedures performed at your doctor's office, day spa, or medi-spa.

Treatment Tips

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While consistency is the best medicine for acne, a few tips and tricks can help you get the most from your treatments.

Finding Help

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You don't have to treat acne alone. Your skin care professionals are here to help.

Preserving Your Self-Esteem

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Don't let acne get you down. Remember, you aren't alone. You can keep your self-confidence despite having acne.

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