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Acne Skin Care DON'Ts


Updated June 19, 2014

Good skin care is a critical part of your acne treatment routine. You know what to do to care for your skin, but do you know what you should not do?

Don't pop pimples.

Skin Care Don'ts
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Sure, you may be able to extract some gunk from the pimple, but a whole lot more is happening under the skin's surface. When a pimple is squeezed, the follicle wall is put under intense pressure. If the wall bursts, infected material spills from the pore and into the dermis. More inflammation is created, and other pimples may soon follow. You also run the risk of scarring. So don't pop, squeeze, or otherwise pick at your blemishes.

Don't scrub at the face.

Blemishes can't be scrubbed away. In fact, too much scrubbing can cause irritation and worsen your acne. Remember, your skin is a sensitive organ and should be treated gently. This means no gritty scrubs, abrasive cleansing pads, or fiercely rubbing at your skin with a washcloth.

Don't use too many treatment products at once, or apply them too often.

Even though it is tempting, slathering on topical medications on numerous times every day won't clear acne faster. But it will leave your skin super dry and irritated, as will using multiple acne treatments at once (for example, salicylic acid lotion, on top of benzoyl peroxide cream, on top of Retin A gel).

Don't layer products on your skin. Instead, space applications throughout the day (salicylic acid cleanser in the morning, benzoyl peroxide lotion at night.) If you notice any irritation, scale back use to every other day or drop the second product altogether.

If you are using prescription acne medications, never use an additional acne product without first getting your doctor's okay.

Don't ignore acne.

There are treatment options that can help. If acne is mild, you can first try an over-the-counter treatment. If, after several weeks of treatment you're not seeing results, make an appointment with a doctor. Your dermatologist has plenty of prescription medications just for clearing acne.

Today's teens don't have to endure pimples and breakouts. And if you're an adult suffering from acne for the first time, your doctor will know how to treat that too. So don't wait to see if acne will go away on it's own. You may be surprised at the treatment options available.

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