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Acne Treatment Options

What can you do about your acne? Plenty! Get in-depth information on over-the-counter acne treatments, professional acne therapies, and topical and systemic medications. Also, get tips to help you treat your acne more effectively.
  1. Alternative Treatments (13)
  2. Benzoyl Peroxide (7)
  3. Getting Help From the Pros (11)
  4. OTC Treatments (17)
  5. Oral Medications (26)
  6. Prescription Topicals (25)
  7. Prescription Treatment (5)
  8. Professional Procedures (20)
  9. Treatment Tips (20)

Acne Treatment Myths
Everyone seems to have their own acne treatment tips. Trouble is, not all of those tips are grounded in reality.

What Is the Best Acne Treatment?
What is the best acne treatment? There has to be one acne treatment that is the fastest, the most effective, the best. So, why isn't your dermatologist giving you the best acne treatment?

Basic Acne Treatment Information
Learn more about acne treatment options. Information about available over-the-counter products, topical medications, systemic therapies, and procedures commonly used to treat acne.

Why Isn't My Acne Treatment Working?
Learn what to expect from your acne treatment, and how to decide if your acne treatment is really working.

Which Acne Medications Cause Sun Sensitivity?
Do you know if your acne medications cause sun sensitivity? Learn the worst offenders, and how you can keep your skin safe while using acne medications that cause sun sensitivity.

Treating Back Acne
Back acne can be harder to treat that facial acne, but with the right treatments you can get significant clearing. Learn how to treat back acne, and acne on the body, and which medications are most often used to treat back acne.

Treating Acne in Skin of Color
Learn more about acne treatments for those with medium to dark complexions, on Dr. Susan Taylor's BrownSkin.net.

Mild Acne Treatment Options
You don't have to deal with even mild acne. Here are some treatment options that will help clear it up.

Moderate Acne Treatment Options
For moderate acne you'll need treatment with a stronger punch -- but you can have clearer skin! Here are the best options for moderate acne breakouts.

Severe Acne Treatment Options
Find out what options you have to treat severe, or cystic, acne. There are treatments that really work!

Treating Acne with Help from an Esthetician
Learn more about what etheticians can do for your skin, what they can't do, and how to choose the right esthetician to treat your acne.

What Is the Difference between Tretinoin and Isotretinoin?
The names may sound alike, but what's the real difference between these two medications?

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