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How Can I Remember to Use My Acne Medications?


Updated May 26, 2009

Question: How Can I Remember to Use My Acne Medications?
Sometimes I forget to use my acne medications. What can I do to help me remember?

Of course, acne won't clear up if you aren't using your medications. But remembering to apply them, or take them, can be a challenge especially if you're busy. There are a few tricks to help you remember your treatments.

  • Try to use them at the same time every day. If you get into the habit of washing your face and applying your medications just before bed at night, it's harder to forget.
  • Link the use of your medications to an activity you always remember. No matter how harried you are in the morning, it's a rare thing to forget to brush your teeth. So apply your topical treatments just after you brush your teeth, take your oral pills (like antibiotics or Accutane) every day with breakfast.
  • Place your treatments where you will see them. Out of sight is out of mind, even when it comes to your acne medications. Instead of putting your medications away in the cabinet, leave them out on the counter. Store them in your makeup case. Put them anywhere you will easily see them every day. (But if you have young children in the home, make sure they are out of reach of little hands.)
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