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Acne Causes and Development


Acne is a common, yet often misunderstood, skin condition. Whether you're a teen or an adult, you want to know what causes acne and why you have it. Learning more about acne development, causes and triggers, will help you effectively treat your acne while preserving your self esteem.
  1. Causes and Development
  2. Acne Types
  3. Possible Breakout Triggers
  4. Teen Acne
  5. Adult Acne

Causes and Development

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What causes acne to develop? Why are some people prone to breakouts while others are not? Many factors are responsible for creating acne breakouts.

Acne Types

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Acne symptoms go beyond the basic pimple. There are many types of blemishes, and even different types of acne.

Possible Breakout Triggers

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Although there is no one cause of acne, certain factors may trigger or worsen breakouts. Conversely, some issues commonly though of as causing pimples don't have any effect on acne at all. Which of these factors affect your acne, and which "acne causes" are pure myth?

Teen Acne

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Acne is almost synonymous with the teenage years, but that doesn't mean teens have to suffer through it. Even at this age, acne can controlled with the right treatments.

Adult Acne

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You thought you left your skin problems behind in high school. Why are you breaking out as an adult? Acne is surprisingly common during adulthood, so you're not alone.

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