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Angela Palmer

Acne Doesn't Keep This Model from Fashion Week Runway

By September 17, 2012

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Cassandra Bankson is a beautiful young woman who landed herself a prime modeling gig on a New York runway during Fashion Week. She also happens to have acne. (She's battled fairly severe acne, I might add.)

I had the opportunity to meet Ms. Bankson at the CLEAR Forum I attended in Chicago last year. She had at that point already risen to Internet fame because of an acne concealing how-to video that she posted on You Tube. While the tutorial is impressive, I think what struck me most was her boldness in appearing without makeup, showing us all her severe acne and being so upfront and honest about how acne made her feel. (I've blogged about Cassandra's video before, you can check it out here.)

Cassandra just continues to blossom. She appeared on Good Morning America last year, her modeling career continues to flourish, and now a choice spot during New York Fashion Week. Acne can make us feel so self-conscious, so I'm impressed at how Cassandra puts herself out there despite her skin problems.

I love it! Acne doesn't have to hold you back. Thanks, Cassandra, for being a great role model and showing us that we are all beautiful, even with our acne!

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