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The Weather is Warming — Protect Your Skin from Sunburn

By April 29, 2012

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We're wrapping up a warm, sunny weekend here. I was lucky enough to spend most of the time outdoors, enjoying the beautiful weather. And, even though I wore sunscreen, tonight I can feel just the slightest sting of burn on my skin.

Yes, it's the time of year for sunburn. Sunburns are awful, most obviously because they hurt. But sunburn also damages your skin, causing aging and hyperpigmentation. Lots of acne medications increase your sensitivity to the sun, so sunscreen wear is doubly important.

Jen Adkins, the About.com Guide to Skin Care, has a great blog post on the importance of sunscreen. If you don't know what the "Cullen Club" is (I had no idea) then you really have to check it out.

The good news is sunscreen doesn't have to feel greasy or lead to more breakouts. There are lots of really good, light, effective sunscreens out there that are perfect even for acne prone skin (this article can help you choose one).

My goal is to get through the entire summer without a sunburn -- how about you?

Protecting Your Skin From the Sun:

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