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Angela Palmer

While We're On the Subject...

By April 21, 2012

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My last blog post touched on the fact that birth control pills, while effective at treating acne in women, we're underutilized. You can add spironolactone to this list too (although you might not be as familiar with this treatment).

Spironolactone is an anti-androgen drug, and it's used to treat hormonal acne in women. It's very effective, especially for women who tend to get those inflamed breakouts in the chin, cheek, and jawline area.

But, like oral contraceptives, it isn't widely prescribed for acne. But because it's so effective for hormonal breakouts, you may want to check with your doctor about this one, ladies (sorry, guys, it's not for you.) And, if you are prescribed this medication, expect to use it long-term. If you stop, breakouts will likely come right back. So, you should take that factor into consideration as well.

Check out Spironolactone for Hormonal Acne to get more info on what spironolactone treatment entails.

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