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Angela Palmer

Retouching Acne with Photoshop

By October 20, 2010

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While I was wasting time online today (while I should have been working) I came across a compilation of cool things you can do to your portrait with Photoshop. Number three on the list: remove acne.

Note: While I do know what Photoshop is, I have never actually used it. You techies out there who know more about computers than I do (roughly 90% of the population, including most children and all teens) might find these Photoshop tips old-hat. But, for the other 10% that's with me, this is amazing knowledge.

So, I watched the video tutorial and I was thoroughly impressed. What a great idea for prom pictures, family portraits, and wedding photos, right?

And I figure if I'm going to retouch a photo of myself I might as well go whole-hog. The About.com Graphics Software site has video tutorials on how to adjust skin tone and whiten teeth, as well as retouch blemishes.

There's loads more you can do too, as our Graphics Software Guide shows us with her list of image touch-ups. So if your skin isn't quite where you'd like it to be, at least it can look like it is in important photos.

Retouching Acne in the Real World:

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