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Angela Palmer

Skin Care Tips for College-Bound Students

By August 21, 2010

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College-bound kids (and their parents) are in the last push of getting everything in order before heading off to school.

Even though you may be leaving high school behind, acne can still be hanging around. It's common for college-aged students to be struggling with the affects of acne that appeared during the teen years.

Add on top of that the stress of a new school, new classes, and most likely a new address, and your skin might start behaving badly. Even good stress, like the excitement of heading off to college and all the work that comes with it, can be enough to worsen acne.

Don't forget to take your acne medications with you as you head off to school, and make sure you have a plan to continue getting your prescriptions while your away from home. If stress does a number on your skin, take some time for stress-relieving activities.

And during those first few crazy hectic weeks at your new school, don't neglect your skin care. Our About.com Skin Care Guide has put together a list of clear-skin tips just for college students.

More Tips for College Students:

August 24, 2010 at 4:30 pm
(1) anbu45 says:

I have experience that all you have saying about acne and it is really bad feeling sometimes I scared to go out the house because I don’t want anybody to see me with the face full of acne. I have tried so many treatment nothing works on me. But after 5 years of suffering of those big acne on my face it was solve by a friend that give me a product that really makes my face fine even though there is still scars in my face but it somehow makes me confident that it will be disappear if I will just be patience.

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